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We offer windows for your home. In our offer you can find wooden, aluminum and PVC windows by most Polish and foreign manufacturers. We provide you with the latest catalogs with a huge selection of products



The entry door and the doors inside the house are our showcase and an element which can not be overlooked. Therefore, they should be original and appealing to the eye. Keep in mind, however, that the look is not everything.


Garage gates

Manufacturers offer several types of garage gates. Garage gates differ mainly in terms of construction and the method of opening. We will help you choose the right gate for your garage. Come. Let's talk about what we can do for you.


Window sills

The window sill is not only the decoration of the window recess. It purpose is to support the window. It prevents the cooling of air coming upwards out of the radiator. The window sill is the first obstacle that rain will encounter.


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A few words about us

Our activity revolves around trade and services in the building industry. Maintaining high quality is possible thanks to cooperation with reliable, leading manufacturers. We offer high quality windows, window sills, entrance doors and garage gates.

The company's registered office is located in Kołobrzeg at ul. Zapleczna 7d / 14a (building corner). Entrances to the company are located opposite the building of Junior High School No. 3 in Kołobrzeg.

Our area of our activity is Kołobrzeg, Koszalin and Białogard.

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Windows Kołobrzeg

If you have a problem with your windows - write or call! We have a lot of experience. We will repair any window!

In our offer you will find:

  • Kołobrzeg roof windows
  • Kołobrzeg balcony windows
  • Kołobrzeg terrace windows
  • Kołobrzeg facade windows
  • Kołobrzeg sliding windows
  • Kołobrzeg folding windows
  • Kołobrzeg Dutch windows
  • Kołobrzeg fix-fixed glazing in a frame or wing
  • Kołobrzeg hoisting sliding windows
  • Kołobrzeg tilting windows
  • Kołobrzeg windows open towards the outside (Scandinavian)
  • Kołobrzeg tilt and turn windows

Doors Kołobrzeg

In our offer you will find:

  • interior doors
  • exterior doors
  • sliding doors
  • folding doors
  • Garage Door
  • wooden doors
  • aluminum doors
  • pvc door
  • acoustic doors
  • fire door
  • balcony doors
  • double doors
  • steel doors
  • doors for individual orders
  • composite doors


Garage gates Kołobrzeg

In our offer you will find:

  • rolling garage doors
  • sliding garage doors
  • industrial garage doors
  • tilting garage doors, opening sideways
  • tilting garage doors
  • sectional garage doors
  • sectional and tilting gates with a wicket door

Window sills Kołobrzeg

In our offer you will find:

  • wooden window sills
  • granite window sills
  • conglomerate window sills
  • marble window sills
  • stone window sills
  • PVC window sills
  • mdf window sills
  • steel window sills
  • aluminum window sills
  • warm window sills installed under window or door joinery

Accessories Kołobrzeg

We have a wide range of accessories, thanks to which your investment will acquire a unique dimension. We work with leading Polish producers and in our offer you will, among others:

  • external surface mounted and recessed fabric roller blinds
  • Aluminum blinds from 16mm to 70mm wide
  • facade blinds, surface-mounted and recessed
  • Wooden blinds from 25 mm to 70 mm wide
  • Vertical blinds
  • Pleats in over a dozen variants for each window
  • Fixed, sliding, rolling, door and pleated mosquito nets
  • Roman curtains We are looking forward to working with you

We are looking forward to working with you

Contact us. Measurement and valuation free of charge.


In case of questions, we encourage you to contact us directly or leave an e-mail. We are at your service!

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